Chicago based STREET CORNER BLUE has been performing traditional R&B
for over 15 years. Exploring the roots from Bourbon Street to Beal Street,
Motown to Muscle Shoals, this ensemble delights in exploring each
divergent thread and weaving it into the unique sound that is Street Corner
Blue. Each individual a gifted veteran performer, the collective sound
positively brims with excitement and grooves in a way that only years of
shared experience can produce.

The Street Corner Blue repertoire is culled from the rich variety that is
the R&B heritage. Some of the material is familiar. Some is more obscure.
Everything is presented with craft and care with each performance demonstrating
the band’s easy command of the R&B language, a respect for the material that
leaves room for twists and surprise, and most of all, a sense of adventure and
just plain fun.

Street Corner Blue has been a reliable hit at Festivals, Clubs, and Events
for over a decade. With wide audience appeal, danceable sets, and a full
out horn band presentation, fans return year after year to share Street Corner
Blue’s latest offerings.